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                                          Small Things, Big Results

                                            FALPA pilots know that small things make a big difference. We understand that what may appear
                                          Ito be a minor decision or isolated action can pack a big benefit or have a major consequence.
                                             Imagine, for example, the rush of relief felt by a flood victim stranded on a rooftop when first
                                          hearing helicopter blades beating through the air and knowing rescue is near. It may be one small
                                          flight, but when the flight is part of the kind of massive helicopter mobilization that Capt. Jeff Smith,
                                          IFALPA Helicopter Committee Vice-Chairman, describes in this issue, the results are huge.
                                             In this edition, we also report on research from the UK Department for Transport, the Military
                                          Aviation Authority, and the British Pilots’ Association revealing that even the smallest drones can
                                          pose a major safety threat to aircraft. A recent IFALPA safety bulletin highlighted that recurring
                                          drone issues at Stockholm Arlanda have forced authorities to close the airport multiple times.
                   Captain Ron Abel       IFALPA pilots around the globe encounter the unsafe operation of drones, and the need is urgent for
                    IFALPA President      more testing on how a collision could affect both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.
                                             A small difference in the location of runway lights, markings, or signs can also have big safety
                                          impacts. For example, in response to several incidents since May, our Federation recently alerted
                                          members to the potential for a runway incursion at Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International airport.
                                          Similarly, plans to build a new airport at Mexico City include an outline of the new facility featuring
                                          full markings—that is painted on the surface of a nearby dry lake, creating potential confusion and
                                          distraction for pilots.
                                             At IFALPA’s Airport Ground Environment Fatigue Risk Management System and Runway Safety
                                          Seminar held in Jakarta this August, attendees discussed runway activities at specific airports but
                                          also the broad considerations that must be taken into account in forming and operating local runway
                                          safety teams. Special thanks to the Asosiasi Pilot Garuda as well as to AusALPA and ALPA Singapore
                                          for hosting the event, which established a model of excellence as IFALPA takes the seminar to other
                                             Small things also matter in accident prevention. IFALPA’s most recent Accident Analysis &
                                          Prevention Committee meeting, held in Tokyo, Japan in September, drew 81 delegates representing
                                          26 Member Associations—an all-time IFALPA committee meeting attendance record. Under the
                                          chairmanship of Capt. Ariel Shocron of SEPLA, the event was hosted by ALPA Japan. I would like
                                          to express my appreciation to ALPA Japan for their time and dedication to making this meeting such
                                          a success.
                                             Seemingly small things can hold big consequences in negotiations as well. Participants at
                                          IFALPA’s upcoming Negotiations Seminar in Amsterdam will learn that, from a single fleet change
                                          to the worldwide economy, it’s critical to be aware of external factors of all sizes that could affect
                                          airline pilots’ negotiating strategies.
                                             While our members’ professional development is a key goal for our association, IFALPA is also
                                          working to inspire the next generation of qualified airline pilots. A story in this issue relates how the
                                          Eastern Townships Airshow & Fair was a regional success in Quebec for more than 20 years, but now
                                          generates enormous results in attracting more than 30,000 aviation enthusiasts to see pilots in action.
                                             Whether it’s IFALPA’s encouraging on social media the Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority and the
                                          AviAssist Foundation’s partnership to advance safety, our work as part of the ICAO Global Aviation
                                          Safety Plan ad hoc group, IFALPA Member Associations’ support of the Ryanair pilots’ fight against
                                          atypical employment models, or our Federation’s participation at the first-ever ICAO Global Aviation
                                          Security Symposium, IFALPA is advancing our pilots’ perspectives in every aspect of aviation.
                                             IFALPA acts on a global scale, but our volunteers also deliver on the details; by working on
                                          committees, double-checking safety policies, and taking time to mentor student aviators. We know
                                          small things can bring big results for the piloting profession.

                                          Capt. Ron Abel

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