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              Photos Courtesy of Christoph Schewe

                                              Quebec Showcases

                                              Flying Skills

                                              The Eastern Townships Airshow & Fair is a   provide to achieve the highest level of flight
                                              not-for-profit organization started by aviation   safety: strict adherence to procedures
                                              enthusiasts  with  the goal of  promoting the   combined with excellent flying skills.
                                              province’s aeronautics industry.       The event also offered aviation enthusiasts
                                                 For 20 years (from 1992 to 2012) the   the opportunity to network with different
                                              airshow was a regional success, but in 2014 the   organizations from the industry, thus discover-
                                              event  took  off  and  reached international   ing the numerous jobs offered. Aéro Emploi, in
                                              stardom when it welcomed more than 30 000   partnership with the organization and also
                                              visitors. For the third consecutive year, under   present at the fair, had announced that there
                                              the presidency of Mr. Normand Brathwaite,   were more than 1 000 vacant jobs in the
                                              Quebec’s renowned personality, the Eastern   industry of aeronautics.
                                              Townships  Airshow  &  Fair  was  held  from
                                              September 15  to 17  2017 in Bromont,  “  The Snowbirds showcase
                                                The aerial performances were given by civil   what every professional
                                              flight demonstration teams including the   pilot - military or civilian -
                                              CF-18, Yak Attack, and the Snowbirds, as well   should provide to achieve
                                              as many renown aerobatic pilots. The      the highest level of flight
                                              Snowbirds, with their CT-114 Tutor jets, are a   safety: strict adherence to
                                              Canadian icon that demonstrates the high level   procedures
                                              of skills, professionalism, teamwork, discipline,
                                              and dedication inherent in the men and         combined with
                                              women of the Canadian Air Force, and they   excellent flying skills.
                                              inspire the pursuit of excellence wherever they                  ”
                                              go. Their thrilling aerobatic shows and   To learn more about the Eastern
                                              breathtaking fly pasts are not just stunning   Townships Airshow & Fair, visit their
                                              entertainment; they showcase what every   website at
                                              professional pilot - military or civilian - should

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