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        IFALPA Runway Safety Course

                                                                                    Accident Investigation course, Tunisia

                                                           The 67th Executive Board Meeting took place in
                                                           London this March. The first main agenda items re-
                                                           volved around Conference and GPS, where agendas,
                                                           schedules,  Election  Nominations,  Awards  and  other
                                                           logistics were finalized.

                                                           On  the  Administration,  Membership,  and  Finance
                                                           side, the board discussed the preliminary financial re-
                                                           sults of 2018, the Global Pilot Unity Fund, and other
                                                           financial and administrative issues.
         Accident Investigation Course, Tunisia
                                                           Standing Committee Reports were presented by sev-
                                                           eral of IFALPA’s Standing Committees, including AAP,
                                                           AGE,  ADO,  ATS,  DG,  HEL,  HUPER,  and  SEC,  and  an
                                                           Executive Committee Reports were presented by the
                                                           President, Deputy President, and EVPs AMF, TSS, and

                                                           The board reviewed and approved a number of pub-
                                                           lications including four Position Papers on the topics
                                                           of: Non-Routine Operations, Fire Protection of Cargo
                                                           Compartments, LOC-I and Aircraft Trim Systems, and
                                                           Gender Neutral Language.
         Executive Board Meeting, London

         Executive Board Meeting, London                                               Executive Board Meeting, London
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