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            A delegation from IFALPA attended the ICAO Air Transport
            Regulation Panel ATRP/15 in Montreal in April. Liberaliza-
            tion of Market Access, Foreign Investment in Airlines, Own-
            ership and Control, and Assistance to Passengers in case of
            Airport/Airline  Disruptions were  amongst the main topics
            discussed during the three-day panel meeting.

            The ATS Committee Working Group Meeting was held at
            the IFALPA Office in May in Montreal, with several new mem-
            bers attending for the first time. There were over fifty papers
            on the agenda covering the development of Position Papers
            and Briefing Leaflets as well as responses to ICAO State Let-
            ters,  reports  from  ICAO  Panels,  and  Regional  meetings  at-                    ICAO ATRP, Montreal
            tended by members of the Committee.

            Position papers on Commercial Space Operations, Reduced
            Runway Separation Minima at night, and Downlink of Pilot
            selected Levels were developed as well as a Briefing Leaflet
            on Airspace Classification.

            Feedback on Data Link operational messages and depiction
            of various Meteorology elements on SIGWX charts were also
            provided to the relevant representatives. The group will con-
            tinue to work on the development of a position and policy on
            the use of Safety Nets such as Interval Management (IM) and
            CDTI Visual Separation.
                                                                                                 ICAO ATRP, Montreal

         ATS Working Group
                                                                                                  ATS Working Group
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