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President’s Message

        Let’s roll up our sleeves & get to work!

                                                                       It is an honor and a privilege to
                                                                       be entrusted with the Presidency
                                                                       of our Federation. This  position
                                                                       carries  great  responsibility and
                                                                       I am aware of the gravity of the
                                                                       work  that  is laid out  in front  of
                                                                       me. At the same time, this unique
                                                                       opportunity  to  influence  the  fu-
                                                                       ture of our profession is very ex-

                                                                       You  may  be  curious  how  some-
                                                                       one  from  a  small  Member  As-
                                                                       sociation with limited resources
                                                                       ended  up  in  this position.  It  is
                                                                       rather  uncommon  that  MAs  of
                                                                       the  size of  NF (Norsk  Flygerfor-
                                                                       bund,  Norwegian  ALPA),  recruit
                                                                       and promote candidates for such
                  Captain Jack Netskar, President
                                                                       My first experiences with the in-
                                                                       ternational pilot community were
                                                                       in the early 2000s, at IFALPA Con-
                                                                       ferences and Alliance meetings.
                                                                       This provided rare  insight into
                                                                       the civil aviation world on an in-
                                                                       ternational scale.
                 The mission of IFALPA is to promote
                 the highest level of aviation safety                  Through  this international net-
                                                                       work,  my  MA  gained  resources
                 worldwide and to be the global                        and  knowledge  that  we  would
                 advocate of the piloting profession;                  have otherwise not been able to
                 providing representation, services, and               access. For example, during chal-
                                                                       lenging negotiations with our na-
                 support to both our members and the
                                                                       tional carrier, we were able to call
                 aviation industry.                                    on financial analysts and experts
                                                                       in aviation law from ALPA-Inter-
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