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             At the initiative of Captain Hiroaki Tateno, President of ALPA
             Japan, IFALPA organized a University of Southern California
             (USC)-led Incident Investigation and Analysis Course in
             Tokyo, 4-8 February. The purpose of this course, which is a
             regular feature of IFALPA’s Professional Development Pro-
             gram, is to train pilots in accident investigation techniques,
             familiarize them with the content of ICAO Annex 13, and
             increase the number of local IFALPA-Accredited Accident

             Thanks to the efforts of Captain Max Matsumoto of ALPA     Accident Investigation Course, Japan
             Japan, the course was very well attended and successfully
             completed by 36 pilots from four IFALPA Member Associa-
             tions: Austria, Japan, Korea, and Singapore. It was run by
             three outstanding instructors from USC, Mr. Jeff Guzetti,
             Mr. Chris Nutter, and Mr Keith McGuire, whose vast experi-
             ence with the NTSB, teaching skills, sense of humour, and
             personal touch made it both effective and entertaining.

             Captain Tateno once again stressed ALPA Japan’s ongoing
             support of IFALPA activities and welcomed this new gener-
             ation of IFALPA-Accredited Accident Investigators. He en-
             couraged them to consider their certificate as an important
             step in their engagement with IFALPA and their own As-
             sociation, and increase their involvement in IFALPA’s activi-  Accident Investigation Course, Japan
             ties and initiatives in the field of flight safety and accident

             There was unanimous recognition of ALPA Japan’s organi-
             zation skills and outstanding hospitality, which once again
             demonstrated the strong potential of Tokyo as a venue of
             choice for IFALPA meetings and training.

             The same program, IFALPA’s Incident Investigation and
             Analysis Course was offered in Dar El Marsa, Tunisia,
             26-28 March, in cooperation with FTPL (Tunisian Air Line
             PIlots;  Associatioin),  USC,  and  IFALPA.  The  program  was
             very successful, with a record 39 participants.
                                                                        Accident Investigation Course, Japan
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