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                 “In my view, there is no competition or division,

                 we all represent the same Federation.”

               national who provided us with invaluable advice. The negotiations were ultimately successful
               because of that assistance. It was through those experiences that I learned how imperative in-
               ternational cooperation is for our profession.

               That’s a bit of history, but what about the future?

               My leadership philosophy is to create positive change and get results through decisive action. I
               view this election as a mandate to pursue this philosophy. However, these changes and results
               will not occur in a vacuum.

               In order to be successful, we need strong teams with a clear understanding of their roles, and
               a holistic view of our industry. We need Standing Committees that collaborate and cooperate
               across subjects, a staff that involves and informs both internally and externally, and access to
               both human and financial resource.

               We are in a situation with highly skilled Subject Matter Experts and volunteers in our Commit-
               tees, Elected Officers with the highest levels of international expertise, a talented professional
               staff, and a revamped IT platform that is a meeting place for daily activities. Everything is in
               place to create results through good management of these values. We stand poised for excel-

               Throughout  its  long  history,  the  Federation  has  often  been  divided  between  Industrial  and
               Technical work. One is prioritized over the other at any given time and it can quickly become
               a TSS versus PGA atmosphere. In my view, there is no competition or division, we all represent
               the same Federation. Being two halves of the same whole, only a united front will move us into
               the future in the strongest way possible.

               It is crucial to have broad support from the MAs in order to implement these changes and
               achieve results. One of the keys is to shorten the distance between IFALPA and the MAs, to
               continue to build bridges.

               When a new president is elected, you will also have an outgoing President. I would like to take
               the opportunity to thank Captain Ron Abel for his eminent work and all the good conversations
               over the years. I will keep them in my pocket for future use. I wish you and your family the very
               best for the future and thank you for your many contributions.

               With the help of strong teams, good global collaboration, and an honest and transparent en-
               vironment, we will be able to change the Federation to reflect 2019 and handle present and
               future challenges.

               Lets roll up our sleeves and get to work!

               Captain Jack Netskar
               IFALPA President
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