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                                                                             AFI/MID Meeting, Mombassa

 The  2018  Dangerous  goods  (Dg) Committee
 Meeting took place in Lille, France, 11-13 Sep-
 tember. Chaired by Captain Scott Schwartz (AL-               Topics of discussion included the Review Process
 PA-I), this was the first ever IFALPA event hosted           for Endorsement of International  Legal Instru-
 in Lille, and the Federation is extremely grateful           ments, Unruly Passengers, RPAS and the integra-
 to  SNPL and  particularly  Mrs Françoise Crespo             tion process, and the implications of the use of
 and Captains Quentin Martiny and David Desru-                Personal Electronic Devices as evidence in legal
 els for the efforts they put in to make the meet-            proceedings following accidents/incidents.
 ing successful. SNPL had also organized a private
 tour of the old city center for the Committee and            Conversations about the use of Gender-Neutral
 sponsored  one  of the  dinners.  This generosity            Language  in accident  and  incident reporting
 was rewarded with a very good attendance of 22               evolved into a plan to propose the adoption of
 delegates representing 13 Member Associations.               Gender-Neutral Language across all Federation
                                                              and Member Association documents, according
 PGA Meeting, Chicago  ASIA/PAC Meeting, Kuala Lumpur
                                                              to United Nations guidelines.
 With the many items on the DG agenda, the al-
 located three  days were  extremely busy. The
 discussions focused mainly on new draft Regu-                The Legal Committee bid a fond farewell to its
 lations for the safe transport of lithium batter-            longstanding Vice Chairman Mr.  Jim Johnson,
 ies by air, on undeclared Dangerous Goods and                whose decades-long,  dedicated  service to IF-
 on  proposed  future  format  of  the  Notification          ALPA is greatly appreciated. We wish him all the
 to Captain (NOTOC). The Committee  also en-                  best in his new adventures.
 tertained  presentations  form the  French  Civil
 Aviation Authority,  the batttery  manufacturers             The Professional and Government Affairs (PGA)
 organisation RECHARGE, and the battery manu-                 Committee  Meeting  was  held  in Chicago,  6-7
 facturer SAFT.                                               September 2018. The meeting was preceded by
                                                              a day-long strategic planning exercise with the
                                                              aim of analyzing the future role of the PGA Com-
 Three new Position Papers were finalized on Por-  ASIA/PAC Meeting, Kuala Lumpur
 table Electronic Devices (PEDS) in the cabin, on   LEG Meeting, Brussels  mittee within IFALPA.
 accessibility of the cargo compartment, and on
 the NOTOC. The Committee also reviewed and                   The PGA Committee Meeting focused on topics
 updated  the  existing IFALPA Position Paper  on             including the current and future role of Remote
 fire protection of cargo compartments. The 2019              Pilots  in the IFALPA Membership, the ICAO Air
 DG meeting is proposed to take place in Ulaan-               Transport  Regulation Panel (ATRP), Updates to
 baatar, 10-12 September, at the kind invitation              the IFALPA Industrial Manual and the election of
 of Mongolian ALPA.                                           a new Committee Vice Chairman, pending board
                                                              approval.  All  five  IFALPA  Regions  were  repre-
                                                              sented in the Industrial Updates section where
 At their headquarters  in Brussels,  Belgium,  the
 European  Cockpit Association  (ECA) graciously              each  Member Association at  the meeting pre-
 hosted the Legal Committee Meeting, 20-21                    sented a report on their industrial situation and
 September.                                                   the challenges faced.

 LEG Meeting, Brussels  PGA Meeting, Chicago
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