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 InterPilot  NEW

 The safety & technical journal of IFALPA,
 The International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations
 IFALPA                                                                                         Composite materials provide
 485 McGill Street, Suite 700                                                                   strength, durability and a
 Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2H4                                                                      lightweight design.
                                                                                                Three user selectable
                                                                                                modes of noise
 The views expressed in this publication are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of IFALPA.   cancellation to match
 The articles and information are the copyright of IFALPA and may not be reproduced without permission.   operational preference.

 Executive Team                                                                                 Tap control for talk-through
                                                                                                communication provides a
                                                                                                “hear-through” function for
 PRESIDENT Captain Ron Abel                                                                     off-intercom communication.
                                                                                                Three sizes of eartips
 TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Captain Mike Jackson
                                                                                                help ensure a comfortable
 COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER Maroun Hannoush                                                         and secure fit.
 Editorial                                                                                      Optimized cable engineered
                                                                                                for protection against EMI
                                                                                                and electrostatic discharge.
 EDITOR Emily Bitting
 COVER IMAGE IFALPA Archives, First IFALPA Conference, London, 1948

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 President’s Message,  Founding MA: AusALPA  Founding MA: ALPA   Founding MA: IALPA
 News & Notes   Australian Air Line Pilots’ Association  Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association
 By Captain Marcus Diamond                                                            By Captain Brian Shury  By Captain Ted Murphy, Captain Neil Johnson
 Experience Teaches by Captain Ron Abel.
 Reports on IFALPA’s Committee/Regional
 Meetings, Events & Professional Development.
   A new approach

   to noise reduction.
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   Designed for the professional pilot, the Bose ProFlight is the
 Founding MA: VNV  Founding MA: NF  Founding MA: BALPA  Founding MA: ALPA-I  most advanced aviation headset Bose has ever brought to market.
   The ProFlight offers many new features designed specifically for
 The Dutch Need More Time   Cockpit Association of Norway  British Air Line Pilots’ Association  Air Line Pilots’ Association, International
 By Captain Arthur van den Hudding &   By Captain Yngve Carlsen  By Captain Brendan O’Neal  (United States)  airline and corporate flight decks.
 The VNV Board  By Captain Tim Canoll

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